White papers

Need a white paper to showcase your insights?

White papers are a great way to package and present data your brand has gathered, or offer a unique perspective within your niche.

From £900, I can write one for you.

Got something to say about your industry?

There's a phrase a lot of marketers (and content writers) are starting to hate on the inside, and that is "thought-leader". But here's the thing; if your brand can offer new insights to your customers or other businesses in your industry, you become the go-to source for information.

That means more traffic, more credibility, and more customers (if it's done right).

So what can I offer you?


Subject matter expertise

Subject experts are what makes your white paper the real deal — outside opinions help balance perspectives.

I can leverage my network to get subject matter experts to weigh in on the topic. If I can't find someone, I'll know who can.


PhD-level research

Including academic sources in your paper is both good for credibility and for Google rankings.

As an academic, I've spent my fair share of time reading and writing research. I know how to find the best sources.


Original graphics

I'm not a qualified graphic designer, but I've created some pretty good images to accompany my writing in the past.

If your team doesn't have an in-house designer, I can usually save you the trouble of hiring one (for now).

Need an example?

Check out this paper I wrote on conversion rate optimisation for Perfect Checkout

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